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Duration 4 1/2 h
Location Online
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Language DE
Points 5
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Embark on an innovative journey into the future with SDS's augmentation concepts - extraction, augmentation, and implantation in a single procedure. 

Minimal morbidity, no additional surgical intervention, no scars, and immense time savings, especially for the discerning patient. Extractions, bilateral external sinus lifts, and two floating implants fixed using the BISS Bone Implant Stabilization System Cages developed by Prof. Ghanaati and Dr. Volz - all in a single ALL IN ONE operation. 

Witness this groundbreaking operation following THE SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT in Full-HD 4-channel technology, performed with ceramic implants from SDS SWISS DENTAL SOLUTIONS, the world leader in ceramic implants.



  • 0:00 Case introduction 
  • 9:30 Extraction of 16/18 + NICO/FDOK 18 
  • 24:00 External sinus lift 31:50 Implant placement in 15 
  • 40:00 Implant placement in 16 
  • 48:00 BISS application 
  • 1:07:34 Sticky Bone application 
  • 1:25:06 Suturing 
  • 2:00:00 PTFE membrane in the 1st quadrant 
  • 2:17:00 Start of the 2nd quadrant 
  • 2:31:00 Dentosomy in 25 
  • 2:35:00 NICO/FDOK in 28 
  • 3:36:00 Implant placement in 25 
  • 3:45:00 BISS + Implant placement in 25/26

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