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Duration 6 days
Location Kreuzlingen, CH
Schedule every day from 9 am – 5 pm
Language german, english
Points 16
Comment Note: The Ceramic Implantology Week in December will be held without the Signature Day and instead will include the Update Course. If you are interested in the Signature Day, we kindly ask you to book one of the previous dates between April and October.
Requirements Please watch Part 3 of "The Longevity Code" on our YouTube channel before attending your course. The topics of micronutrients, minerals, and vitamins ("Fantastic Four and More") are extensively explained there.


CERAMIC IMPLANTOLOGY WEEK Become an expert in biological dentistry and ceramic implants in just a few days!

Dr. Volz's two-day course (Level 4) is the gateway to the "biological and implantological Olympus" and represents our absolute master course. If you are not yet familiar with ceramic implantology, it is highly recommended to take the time to complete Levels 1 to 3 of the CERAMIC IMPLANTOLOGY WEEK as a foundation.

Of course, this recommendation does not apply to those of you who have been using SDSALL for a while and have already gained extensive experience with SDS ceramic implants. In this intensive training week, we will work with you step by step and level by level to acquire the necessary knowledge. We'll ensure that you always have fun, receive everything you need, and never get bored with irrelevant details.

Given that dentists and implantologists are craftsmen in a way and tend to prefer hands-on learning, we have integrated several hands-on courses into the CERAMIC IMPLANTOLOGY WEEK!


Places for the surgical and prosthetic hands-on courses are limited. This means that individuals booking the entire week will have priority. Once the practical courses are filled, individual levels will be made available for booking. Our recommendation is to book the entire week with all levels to maximize your learning experience. Direct entry into a higher level is only recommended if the participant is already an absolute expert at the preceding level.


Want to attend a training with a colleague and save money at the same time? With our partner ticket, you can save €200 per ticket when purchasing more than one ticket.


When purchasing two tickets, a discount of €200 per ticket will be automatically deducted in the shopping cart.

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