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Duration 1 Day
Location Kreuzlingen, CH
Schedule 9:00 AM - 05:00 PM
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One-day Advanced Course featuring current trends, techniques, and insights into ceramic implants 

Expand Your Knowledge – Deepen Your Expertise – Enhance Your Success 

You have already attended the most important courses, some of them multiple times, which have provided you with the knowledge and skills necessary for the professional use of SDS implants. You have also gained good to extensive experience with our implant system in practical settings. In fact, over the past 12 months, we (Ulrich Volz and the Swiss Biohealth Clinic team) have experienced the steepest learning curve. Drawing not only from 24 years of ceramic implantology and the observation/documentation of tens of thousands of implants but also from valuable input provided by outstanding surgeons who use our system, we continually seek to expand and improve the already extensive application of our implants. 

What do you expect from the Update Course? You want to stay up to date on the latest studies and guidelines regarding ceramic implants and learn more about the inflammatory behavior of titanium implants. You want to learn a technique that not only provides high security but also allows you to practically "grow" 1 to 2 mm in height in the anterior tooth area. In addition to the balcony implant, you want to explore other options for providing the most challenging immediate implant region of the upper molars. You want comprehensive insights into digital backward planning using digital clones and the ultra-precise execution with prefabricated provisional restorations via the SDSBOX system. You are interested in the tunnel technique and mucoperiosteal flap expansion to work more atraumatically and safely. You want to understand why ceramic implants have a higher failure rate in late implantation compared to immediate implants and titanium implants and how to safely and successfully avoid this. You want to know the methods for safely and successfully keeping the gingiva away from the implant to utilize the principle of free epithelialization for gaining keratinized gingiva. These topics and more are already on the agenda, and we are confident that we will develop several additional tips, tricks, and techniques by then, so that this day will end for all participants with tremendous anticipation for the next surgical day. 

We have scheduled this Update Course at the end of the CIW in December 2024, following Dr. Volz's ALL IN ONE course, to give you the opportunity to train new employees at the CIW beforehand and then attend the ALL IN ONE course yourself afterwards.


  • Study findings and guidelines for ceramic and titanium implants 
  • Techniques for height increase in the anterior tooth area 
  • Treatment of challenging immediate implantation sites, especially upper molars 
  • Digital backward planning and precise execution with SDSBOX system 
  • Tunneling technique and expansion of the mucoperiosteal flap for secure work 
  • Higher loss rate of ceramic implants in delayed implantation, prevention 
  • Keeping the gingiva away from the implant, obtaining keratinized gingiva

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